Ritinjali has collaborations with many organisations dealing with a variety of issues. These organisations carry a great amount of information and expertise in their areas of operation. We have listed these organisations according to the issues they are dealing with. The contact details provided here might prove useful to you in your work and research.


Fellow Under Fund For L'ship Dev.

E-24, 1st Floor, Saket, New Delhi 110017

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Mr. Lester Francis Coutinho

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By Dilip Cherian

My central thesis is that goading by government to achieve something that is both voluntary and really good cannot be relied on as a robust mechanism.

By Dileep K. Ranjekar

In the bus to the aircraft, he asked me whether I was Dileep Ranjekar and on my confirmation he introduced himself as a training and development professional.



The Ritinjali Newsletter - September 2017
The women and young girls at the tailoring centre in Kusumpur Pahari, a slum community in Vasant Vihar, have been learning the art of making pouches and cloth bags using scraps of old clothes.
The Ritinjali Newsletter - August 2017
Our children from Kusumpur Pahari went for a visit to the National Science Centre with volunteers from KPMG. The interactive activities with our enthusiastic volunteers brought a bright smile to