Tale Spin – Little Black Book Delhi at Kusumpur Pahari

On Saturday, April 19, volunteers of Little Black Book Delhi (LBBD) visited the children at Kusumpur Pahari with a surprise. Every month a group of volunteers from LBBD visits Kusumpur and spends its Saturday with the children, involving them in fun activities. This time the volunteers conducted an energy packed story telling session with the children! The children were divided into groups of ten with two volunteers per group and had a dramatized reading of a story of Panchtantra for each group. They then had a half an hour session where the groups presented their play depictions of the stories along with the volunteers. The children got to improvise their own depictions of the stories and added their dramatic twists to it. They really enjoyed this creative and imaginative workshop and participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The volunteers’ energy was reciprocated in full by the children’s undivided attention, laughter and cheer.
Next month LBBD is bringing a music workshop to the Learning Center at Kusumpur, so stay tuned!