A Report From Our Member Mrs. Kavita Trehan

Saturday, 24th November, at Nathupur Center was a great experience. I was helping Vidya (Ms. Vidya Surendran), who had organized to feed the children of the Nathupur Pahari Learning Centre.

Ms. Hema the teacher at the Nathupur Centre had the older children meet us outside the gate of bio-diversity park. Children showed us the way and helped us carry the bags containing food. I am sure you will see from the pictures how well Ms. Hema had organized all 50 children who were sitting on the mats besides their class room. The most endearing element was when the older children helped to unpack and repack the lunch boxes for the younger children. They carried their own water bottles.

I do not know about the academic training of these children, but in terms of life skills they are doing an excellent job.