The Oberoi Lecture Series

The 4th Oberoi Lecture Series with Dr Ashwani Chopra on Mind over Medicine

The Oberoi Lecture Series, in association with Ritinjali is designed to inspire conversations and dialogue among people from diverse fields, whose perspectives inform and enrich the discussion. Past talks have featured Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, journalist, political commentator, and news presenter on ‘The Changing Face of the Media’, Dr.Rajendra S. Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of the NIIT Group on the topic, ‘Joy of Growth’ and Mr. GautamThapar, Chaiman of the Avantha Group who spoke on the topic, ‘Ethics in Buisness.’

The 4th conversation of the Oberoi Lecture Series was held on Saturday, August 8, 2015 featuring Dr. Ashwani Chopra on ‘Mind over Medicine’. This engaging session saw Dr Chopra regaling the participants with anecdotes and research on the phenomenal power of the mind over the body in diagnostics and healing.

The talk examined how disease and healing need to be approached holistically; where problems do not always lie in medical records but in one’s emotional, romantic, spiritual, and material relationships as well. Dr. Chopra used the analogy of ‘looking where the light is good’ to explain how scientists know where to look but not how to look; most ignore the human factor that goes into diagnostics and healing.

Dr Chopra posited the existence of a pill to cure all diseases, a phenomenon known to everyone as the Placebo effect. Studies have shown that Placebo has the ability to produce powerful physiological changes. There have been instances where placebo resulted in the production of Dopamine in a patient with Parkinsons. This demonstrates that healing can happen by thought alone, but can one remove external medicine?

The belief that genes control our destiny isn’t completely true. People are not victims of their genes. Change in genes can be achieved through change in circuitry of the mind since it is the environment that controls the genes. Thoughts, feelings, experiences can trump the genetic structure.

Minds can create reality. It is imperative therefore to believe you can get better, to listen to your body, surrender, and find the right prescription. The key is to find the right balance between medicine and reinforcing healing through the power of the mind.