20th July: Update on Uttarakhand's Relief Fund

Since yesterday there has been some further movement in our plans to launch the ‘Camp Establishment Team’ by Sunday, 21 July '13.

· The process of obtaining an authority letter from the Government of Uttarakhand, to facilitate the move of the truck carrying relief material through the ‘Nakas’ of various states, has been set in motion and hopefully it will come through.

· We are also in touch with the Army authorities to facilitate the stay of our volunteers during the transit halts at Lansdowne and Rudraprayag.

· Some more donations have come in. these will enable us to meet the initial costs as envisaged in our plan, evolved on the basis of the recce.

· Def Mart, which has a solar products division called Urja Kendra, is giving us the initial lot of solar powered torches & lanterns at cost price. These should come in handy at the camp site.

While we have been overwhelmed by the response so far, we need to keep up the momentum to be able to sustain the relief & rehabilitation efforts over the next two years. Do keep looking for sponsors and material in kind / at reduced rates.